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How Google tools are helping four small businesses prosper

by Nathan

Businesses utilising Google tools and services contributed $840 billion to US GDP in 2024. With the help of Gemini, mom-and-pop stores created menus and marketing materials, developers worked more productively, and YouTube creators expanded and made money from their fan bases.

The Economic Impact Report, which was just issued, highlights how Google is helping business owners in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C., flourish. Four of these tales are being shared below in honour of National Small Business Week.

South Charleston, West Virginia’s Elk City Auto Spa

C. Anthony Parker is an auto expert. At the age of 19, he opened his first dealership and sold cars for almost 20 years before moving on to body and mechanical work and eventually specialising in detailing. In an effort to maintain the vehicles in his native Charleston looking well, he established Elk City Auto Spa in 2019. He now serves 1,500 clients annually with the help of his seven staff members.

“We convert a dirty car into a showroom-caliber car inside and out in about nine hours,” he claims.

Elk City Auto Spa’s Google Business Profile is where over 80% of consumers find them. It features the team’s expertise, client testimonials, and images of their work. Since the business started on the platform, revenue has increased by 300%. According to C. Anthony, prospective clients “know that they’ve found the best” after they peruse over 300 five-star evaluations.

Elk City Auto Spa also uses Sheets and Slides from Google Workspace for business presentations and billing customers. In order to handle client enquiries even more quickly, they are currently investigating Google’s AI tools as they are ready to launch a travelling detailing service and hire more experts. According to C. Anthony, “Charleston is a small city with a big heart.” “It means everything to be a pillar of the community’s economy.”

Customised Contemporary Cuisine – Bothell, Washington

In order to pursue her passion for Indian food and launch the blog Traditionally Modern Food, Vidya Srinivasan quit her career in corporate IT in 2014. According to Vidya, “I’ve been sharing recipes on the blog for generations.”

Vidya utilises Google AdSense and Ad Manager to monetize her blog and her 42,000-subscriber YouTube channel, allowing her to continue providing free content. By using Google Analytics’ interest tracking feature, she has been able to increase her blog traffic by up to 15% annually. “I can see which posts receive the most interaction, which aids in my comprehension of the recipes that people are searching for,” she claims.

Vidya uses Gmail’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply tools to help her write personal emails and an email newsletter that strengthens her new connections. She is currently thinking of utilising Gemini to enhance SEO and polish her material.

According to Vidya, “the greatest joy for any food blogger is seeing people try the recipes and leaving positive comments.” “You can’t ask for better feedback than that.”

Chicago, Illinois’s Speeko

For years, Nico Aguilar suffered with public speaking until receiving coaching, which provided him all the tools and self-assurance he needed to get over his fear. In 2018, recognising that not everyone could access or afford such assistance, he co-founded the AI speech coaching app Speeko. With features like nudges to “slow down,” it analyses a user’s speech and offers customised workouts to aid with tempo, tone, filler words, and other areas. It also enables real-time speech adjustment.

Google Workspace is used by the team for communication and organisation, while Google Ads is used to increase website traffic for Speeko. In 2024, click-through rates increased from 80 to 80,000 per month. According to Nico, a 2024 Google for Startups Founders Fund recipient, “[Ads is] easy to use for small businesses who are just getting started on the platform and don’t have a lot of expertise setting up ad campaigns.” There are currently over 300,000 registered users on Speeko.

More recently, the team used Gemini’s assistance to develop and maintain the 400+ activities in their coaching collection. According to Nico, “it enables us to have a lot more impact.” “I’ve observed how your speech matters and has the power to alter your career path. Our goal is to empower individuals from all walks of life to speak up without fear.

Oahu, Hawaii’s NOHO HOME by Jalene Kanani

Jalene Kanani, a native Hawaiian artist and textile designer, aimed to draw attention to a more refined aspect of her culture’s aesthetic. In 2018, she established NOHO HOME by Jalene Kanani, a line of upscale home goods and décor that true to Hawaii’s past and present. “‘Noho’ means ‘to be, to dwell, or to come from’ in the Hawaiian language,” she explains.

Major department stores now carry the products that Jalene designs and manufactures in large quantities in a micro-factory in Hawaii.

The ten-person business expanded through word-of-mouth for years before investing in Google Ads in 2022, which resulted in a 50% boost in income and a 200% increase in website traffic. In 2024, Jalene claims, “we doubled our business from the continent thanks to our Performance Max campaigns.” “We can connect with individuals who are actively looking for things like ‘coastal home decor.'”

Recently, the marketing team used Gemini to cut down on the amount of time spent generating content by 40%, freeing up time for other initiatives. Jalene asserts, “We have a very strong voice.” “To spark meaningful conversations, we take what Gemini generates and add our Indigenous knowledge.”

Know more about vist: https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/small-business/how-small-businesses-use-google-tools/

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